Stud farm Zangersheide – Lanaken

Breeding Season 2018 service fees and conditions

  1. Registration of mares

The mare to be inseminated should be identified to Studbook Zangersheide!

Single (free) registration of the mare will be realised by providing Studbook Zangersheide with a clear copy of the ancestry papers of the mare. Registration for mares already registered with Studbook Zangersheide is not necessary.

  1. Breeding season

The breeding season runs from 15 February to 1 September 2018.

III.  Procedure sperm

  1. Sperm from stallions stationed at Studfarm Zangersheide is obtainable in fresh sperm.  The sperm can be collected or dispatched. When no fresh sperm is available, frozen sperm is similarly available while stock lasts, after consultation.
  1. For every dose of sperm delivered, the mare owner will receive a sperm certificate / insemination certificate which has to be completed and signed by a veterinarian and send back to Studbook Zangersheide as soon as possible.
  1. Per mare sperm for a maximum of three cycles is supplied. If the mare is not in foal after three cycles, another stallion must be chosen, without having to pay a new deposit provided that this is a stallion with a similar stud fee. If the fee is higher, the difference should be settled. When you choose a stallion from a lower fee there will be no settlement of the difference.
  1. A dose of fresh or frozen sperm for a next cycle can only be obtained after the deposit of the payable stud fee has been paid and after the completed non-gestation statement (made by a vet) on the insemination certificate of the former dose of sperm has been returned. In case of frozen semen just one dose pro cycle can be obtained.
  1. The mare owner must send the last insemination certificate back before 1 October, stating on it whether the mare is in foal or not. Non-gestation statements can only be made by veterinarians.

     In the event that a breeder fails to report his mare not in foal, the gestation charge will automatically be due.

  1. Payment of stud fee.

     The stud fee should be paid as follows:

–    the deposit must be paid upon first insemination;

–    the gestation charge is payable by 1 October 2018 if the mare  is   pregnant. The gestation charge = stud fee of last chosen stallion.

  1. By ordering and buying sperm, the mare owner declares to have taken cognizance of these conditions and declares to fully agree with these service and payment conditions, as well as with the stud fees.
  1. Attempted fraud commited by a mare owner is punishable by an unconditional fine of € 2500 (ex. 21% VAT) per attempt, irrespective of the also payable stud fee.
  1. Service certificate

The mare owner must send the last insemination certificate, stating the last date of insemination, to the office of Studbook Zangersheide in Lanaken (B).

If the mare is in foal, the mare owner will then receive a service certificate/birth notification which states the last date of insemination. This document is essential for the notification and registration of the foal after birth in 2019.

  1. Frozen sperm

For more information about the sale of frozen sperm per dose please contact our secretariat.

  1. Embryo Transplantation

In the event that the owner wants the mare to have an embryo flush, Studbook Zangersheide should be so notified upon first ordering sperm.

If no embryo(s) is(are) found, new sperm (for a maximum of 3 cycles) may be ordered for this mare, provided that a veterinary declaration from the embryo centre is submitted that confirms that the embryo flush after the previous insemination turned out negative. For orders for a fourth cycle, a new advance becomes payable. If the embryo flush turns out positive, a new deposit will become payable for a next sperm order for this mare.

If from one insemination more than one embryo is flushed, the advance will be charged as yet when the transplantation turns out positive.

The gestation charge shall become payable per successfully transplanted embryo if the mare is in foal by 1 October 2018. Note well: The mare owner shall provide Studbook Zangersheide, before 1 October 2018, with a survey, drawn up and signed by the veterinarian or the embryo transplantation centre, of the number of flushes and the number of (successfully) implanted embryos per mare.  If the transplantation of the embryo was not successful, such a survey will count as a statement of non-gestation.