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Quite Easy


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Stallion Description

Holst • Bay • 1994 • 165cm 

Quidam de Revel sf Jalisco B Almé
Dirka Nankin
Ondine de Baugy
Birte II holst Landgraf I Ladykiller ps
U-Capitola Capitano


Quite Easy was named “Stallion of The Year 2010” in Sweden. To date, he has sired over 60 international winners in three disciplines. He is ranked in the Top 100 global CSI, CCI and CDI.

From an intermediate template (165cm), Quite Easy is a beautiful horse, faultless conformation, with an expressive head and neck, short back and powerful, good hocks. He has very good movement with an excellent canter and a great trot.  This is what makes the strength and versatility of its production in all disciplines.

Quite Easy can serve all mares whose owners want to improve the look, neck, paces, character and obviously jumping ability. He produces excellent horses at all levels up to CSI 5 *. The 2014 results are proof of this. Quite Easy suits heavy, large mares as he brings refinement to his offspring.





Very Quiet Val Henry ISO 132

Valeska de Boissy ISO 125

Vinecheska Jeclais ICC 132, ICC Vasco Wolf 127, Vegas Chaillou ICC 126 and CHAMPION OF FRANCE 4-year 2014 Pompadour ARPEGE OF MANCEL. Not to mention RAMSA ROSE VILLA 153 ICC Champion of France 2011 6 years.

In Dressage, Quite Easy is 68th 2014, with global Vancouver (137th World WBFSH 2014) and Don Quixote (590th WBFSH 2014).

Quite Easy’s has more than 20 standards in different countries which are more experienced Qualle Sweden VDL Veron (father of winners CSI and ITC) in the Netherlands, Quinta Real quadam and Germany. In SF every year 1 or 2 of his young sons are approved, in 2014, including 2 new Bully Star winner of St. Lo. After 2013 when Quite Easy was the father of the Supreme Champion 3 years of SF in 2014, he was again the best father in the Championship of France of 3 years with 2 fillies ranked in the Top 6 (including Bettina the 3rd Fougnard) And maternal grandfather of the 10th. Moreover, his daughters are also excellent broodmares.

Stud Fee

Booking Fee: €280 (€318 including VAT)  + either:

Breeding Fee Live Foal: €1250 (€1418.75 including VAT)  or

1st October pregnancy guarantee: €999 (€1134 including VAT)

Chilled and frozen semen available and frozen semen is in stock in Ireland.