Quabri de L’Ilse


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Stallion Description

Kannan Voltaire Furioso II
Gogo Möve
Cemeta Nimmerdor
Dinastir de L'Isle Socrate de Chivre Grand Veneur
Framboise Quastor
Une Belle


Son of Kannan and from the most beautiful maternal lines of Normandy, he has been performing at the highest level for several years. He completed a great season of victory by winning the Geneva Grand Prix.


Quabri de l’Isle is a great international winner under the saddle of Pedro Veniss. 2014; multiple 3* and 4* GP placings and 5th with the Brazilian team at the World Equestrian Games. 2015; Quabri won the Nations Cup in Calgary, 2nd Challenge Cup Barcelona, 5th in individual Pan American Games, 8th GP CSI 5* Geneva,  doubles clears in CSIO Nations Cups in La Baule and Rotterdam and many other placings. In 2016, he won the GP CSI 5* Geneva , the Challenge Cup in Barcelona CSIO, 2nd Nations Cup CSIO Calgary and he competed in the Rio Olympic Games, finishing 5th with the Brazilian team and 16th individual.



▶ Kannan , for 5 years in the top 5 worldwide in all rankings , he is a living legend and continues to produce strong horses , easy and competitive for the happiness of all riders. 7th year in the TOP 10 WBFSH, No.2 worldwide on the IPV ranking Horsetelex 2016, 2nd in the Breeding News ranking on the results of the auctions . Kannan has more than 500 international winning products.

He has 3 offspring in the final of the Rio Olympics :
● Nino des Buissonnets, 2012 Olympic Champion of London and 4th of Rio 2016 with S. Guerdat .
● Quorida de Treho , winner of the GP World Cup in Helsinki, 2nd in the GP-W of Lyon, 5th in the GP5 * of Lausanne, finalist of the Rio 2016 with R. Duguet.
● Quabri de L’Isle , winner of the GP CSI5 * of Geneva, double clear of the final Nations Cup in Barcelona, finalist of Rio 2016 with P. Veniss.
● Molly Malone , 47th world performer in 2016, winner of the Oslo GP CSI4 *, 4th in the CSIO5 * GP of Hickstead with B. Allen.
● Park Rosana ,108th world performer in 2016 , winner at Wellington FL CSI1 * 2 * and 5 * in 2016, winner at CSI5 * of Wellington, Calgary, 5th of GP of Calgary, 2nd at CSIO5 * of Gijon and CSI5 * of Brussels in 2015 with E. Lamaze, ISO 169 (16).
● Quister , 204th overall performer in 2016, ranked in CSI5 * with E.Madden.
● Sultan of the Castle , winner and regularly ranked in CSI5 * in Verona, Lyon, Geneva … with L. Guillet then S. Delestre ISO 166 (16).
● Diva II , 6th in the Nations Cup in 2016 , winner of the Wellington World Cup GP, 2nd in the London World Cup GP, winner of the Nations Cup in Rotterdam, finalist of the Aachen European Championships with B. Maher.
● H & M Quenzo from La Roque, won the CSI5 * Brittany Regional Council Award in Dinard in 2016 , 2nd in CSI3 * GP of Arezzo, 4th at CSI5 * in Calgary, 6th at CSI5 * in Dinard in 2015 with N. Philippaerts.
● Albfuehren’s Paille , 73rd world performer in 2015, winner of the World Cup final in Las Vegas, winner of the GP CSI5 * -W of Gothenburg with S. Guerdat.
● And Quister, Ivory Tarzan Champion of Mexico 2016, Symphony of Biches, Tradition of the Roque, Simba de la Roque, Park Rosana, Kanonja, Kavalier, Sunshine of the Lighthouse,
Feather of the Roque, Zoe II, Kavalier, Moonstar , Kannella, Sonzean Sephora, Uthope de la Roque …


▶ 10th- ranked WBFSH CCE Winner in 2016 :
Billy Bumble , 98th World CC Perfomer, 3 of CIC2 * Bicton in 2016, wins Hartpury CCI1 * in 2015; Ogustin from the terroir , 2nd at CICO3 * in Milan in 2016, ICC 153 (14); Urrem ICC 134 (15); Treasury of the ICC Lodge 139 (15); Salto from Agua ICC 136 (15).
▶ At the Selle Français finals, 5 stallions of 3 years are approved: Dakota West, Decor of the Chanu, Deep Purple in Live, Djennan Semilly, Drugster of the Forests. Egerie d’Isigny , SF 2 year old French FilliesChampion, Elkando de Couepeur 5th of the SF stallions of 2 years old, Dels’star of the Pomiez 8th of the 3 years old fillies.


▶ Dinastie de l’Isle , also produced:

● Message from ISO ISO 147 (06), CSI under Italian colors

● ISO Lavender 140 (09), ranked in 1.50m events with Jennifer Jones

● Isle Athlete ISO 137 (16)

● ISO 135 Titanium (13), finalist of 6 years

● Kalin Island ISO 132 (09)

● Safari of Isle ISO 130 (15)
▶ Raspberry also produced:
 Kisba ISO 151 (86) mother of Gaur de Kerser ISO 142 (06)

● The Perette mother of Venue du Thot CSI under foreign colors

● Miss Raspberry ISO 135 (86), Nobel V , private stallion, Obeissant IImother of Hello Isle , CSI under foreign colors, Isa de l’Isle who produced Sparco ISO 162 (15), vice-champion de France Pro Elite with Guillaume Fourtier

● Polka Isle mother Folka Park ISO 144 (01) of Cadence Park that produced Radja Rochetaillee ISO 159 (15) and Osyris Rochetaillé of ISO 145 to Guendoline Park that produced Swinny Park ISO 150 (15) and Menthol ISO 141 (11)
● Quen Dira t’On ISO 167 (93) very good international winner with Stéphane Delaveau. A dream of Lisle ISO 147 (93); Val de Lisle CSI under foreign colors. Camee de l’Isle private stallion, very good winner in CSI with Cayetano Martinez de Irujo …
▶ A Belle also produced: Camee , very good international winner with Manuel Henry. Derby VI very good winner in CSIO, June star of Isba mother of Banney who produced Douchka of Banney , private stallion Gadget of Banney JEM 2002 with Rene Lopez. Niko from Banney CSI under foreign colors ….


This maternal line is also behind Quo Vadis B , ISO 170, CSIO with Marcel Rozier, silver medalist with the France team at the 1968 Mexico Olympics and stallion Kraque Boom, European Champion 2009 with Kevin Staut.

Qubari is a very intellingent horse with a great temperament and a will to win. He has size and frame and a very balanced and light-footed canter.

A very exciting stallion for breeding!