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Stallion Description

BLACK | HANOVERIAN | * 2013 | 170 CM

Dancier De Niro Donnerhall
St.Pr.St. Lacarna TS lancers
St.Pr.St. Espina
Ratina Ravello Raphael
Waleska Westbury

Devonport – the sovereign winner. In 2017 he won first the sport test with Rieke Schnieder, then the riding horse championship in Höven and Elmlohe, the Hanoverian championship in Verden and finally with the dream mark 9.1 the Bundeschampionat of the four year old stallions in Warendorf.

He impresses with his work attitude and serenity, his outstanding rideability and the three equally very good gaits.

Devonport was licensed on the occasion of the Hanoverian Stallion Market 2015.

In 2016, he convinced in his first season under the saddle. He completed the 14-day test as a reserve winner with the dressage end note of 8.59. He got the following grades in detail:
Trot: 8.5; Canter: 8.5; Step: 8.5; Rideability rating commission: 9.0; Rideability foreign rider: 8.75; Interior: 9.0; Character and temperament: 9.0; Willingness: 9.0
Weighted Endnote: 8.05; Weighted dressage end note: 8.59; Weighted jumping final score: 7.15

Also on his first tournaments Devonport impressed. He became 9,1 Hövener riding horse champion and won the riding horse test at the traditional Elmloher riding days. At the Hanoverian championship of the three-year-old stallions in Verden he won the bronze medal and was nominated for the Bundeschampionat.

In 2017, Devonport won the sports test of four-year-old dressage stallions in Verden. He received a weighted final score of 8.78, with his step (9.0) being commented on as “highlight” and having a 8.8 for canter and rideability, respectively.
At his first tournament start this year, he was again Hövener riding horse champion, right in front of his boxing neighbor Prince Fabrice . Also at the Elmloher riding days Devonport could win the riding horse test again. In the final, the Elmloher Siegerpreis, he received top marks from the judges: 10.0 for the training, 9.0 for crotch, trot and canter and 8.5 for the building – thus he also won this test with a 9.1.
At the Hanoverian championship, Devonport shone once more and became the new Hanoverian champion of four-year-old riding horse stallions.

At the Bundeschampionat he impressed again with Rieke Schnieder. In the final qualification for 4-year-old riding stallions, he won the daily highest score of 8.9 and was thus 0.5 points ahead of the runner-up. In the final he improved again and received the overall grade 9.1 (step 9.0, trot 9.0, canter 9.0, training 9.5, building 9.0). In the subsequent foreign rider test he received a 9.0 and a 9.5 and became Bundeschampion of four-year-old stallions.

Rieke Schnieder: “Devonport is the most reliable and uncomplicated sports partner I’ve ever been allowed to ride in. He has an incredible attitude to work and is always with me in practice as well as in the test.” The Bundeschampionatstitel was my highlight so far. ”