Cornet’s Prinz


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Stallion Description

Westphalien • Bay • 2005 • 165cms

Cornet Obolensky Clinton Corrado I
Urte I
Rabanna v. Closterveld Heartbreaker
Holivea v. Closterveld
Almoxella O Almox Prints J Hockes
St.Pr.St. Polygranna Polydor
Grannuse - Grannus

Cornet’s Prinz is an emerging star and the Groupe France Elevage’s RECRUIT OF THE YEAR. A son of the champion Cornet Obolensky and grandson of the other champion Almox Prints, he boasts a high-level track record in show-jumping and his first offsrping – aged 9 in 2017 – are beginning to shine at the top level.




Subsequent to his successful jumping sport career (lifelong winnings of almost €800,000), Cornet Obolensky is stealing ever more limelight as a world-class gene donor. The 2013 German champion, Cornet d’Amour/Daniel Deußer, fourth in the Aachen World Championships and fifth in the European Cup, CornadoNRW/Marcus Ehning and Cornet’s Cristallo/Marco Kutscher are already among the world leaders. And S-winner Cornet’s Prinz has already placed internationally. He was always ‘in the yellow’ at his starts on major tournament rings under Guido Klatte, Jr. Via exemplary sport jumper Almox Prints, the Rhineland jumping legend Polydor and Grannus, he was clearly bred for performance. His offspring – including daughter Caris, who was the second reserve winning mare in the OS elite show in Rasteder Schlosspark – prove this. He took silver in the German Youth Championships himself, and was no. 11 in the prestigious ‘Sires of the World’ event. Although he is still young, Cornet’s Prinz already has seven licensed sons. A son from the mother of Armitage’s daughter Appearance who was premièred in Redefin in 2013 is one of his offspring. In Oldenburg at the 2013 licensing event, he and another prize-winning stallion were extremely impressive.

Stud Fee:


€1,350 + VAT for chilled semen pregnancy deal. Payable at first insemination.

€350 + VAT, non refundable booking fee, €1000 + VAT in foal fee.




Conrad; Cornet’s Prinz x Argentinus