Comilfo Plus Z


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Stallion Description

Comilfo Plus Z

top athlete made for the showjumping sport

They have blood, have perfect conformations and an exceptional take-off both in action as well as over the fence…  Comilfo Plus Z’s Progeny look like copies of their sire; top-class athletes especially made for the showjumping sport! As a 6 and 7-yr-old stallion Comilfo Plus Z made a deep impression in the World Championship for young horses after which he started his international career under Judy Ann Melchior. Rarely did one see a stallion with such explosive action, suppleness and sharpness and that has made Comilfo Plus Z the eternal darling of the public wherever he appears. In the cycle for 4-yr-old horses the oldest products of Comilfo Plus Z were certainly noticed and his oldest licensed son, Copycat Z, was the revelation of the 2017 season!

Note well : Comilfo Plus Z will only be available in the form of fresh sperm from 1 May to 1 July for a limited number of 150 mares. You can book his services in advance via Frozen Semen available as long as stock lasts.

Stud Fee:


€1,400 + VAT for chilled semen pregnancy deal. Payable at first insemination.

€400 + VAT, non refundable booking fee, €1000 + VAT in foal fee.