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Stallion Description

KWPN • Bay • 2010 • 170 cm

Bordeaux United Krack C
Venna Gribaldi
Leandra M v. Donnerhall
Kendy Saros xx Charlottowin xx
Sayonara xx
Tomattie Folio

Bordeaux sets standards!

A Thoroughbred-typed young stallion with an “outcross pedigree”. Extraordinary brilliance in type is combined with excellent lines and correct fundament. Three first-class basic gaits swinging in rhythm over the back, promise the highest riding comfort. The sire Bordeaux was the 2009’ Champion Stallion at the KWPN licensing and performance test winner in Ermelo one year later. In 2012, he placed fourth under Eva Möller in the final of the WC for six-year old dressage horses in Verden. In winter 2012-2013 Bordeaux qualified with clear victories at stallion shows in the Netherlands. With regard to the forthcoming age-group final in s’Hertogenbosch he is considered to be the top favorite and is currently Holland’s most successful dressage stallion of his age-group. Barroso connects international dressage heroes such as Krack C, Partout/T., Gribaldi/T. and Donnerhall. Furthermore, he originates from the first-class Westphalian line of Dodona, breeding site of de Baey, which is also known for the sires Rubinstein I and II, Royal Angelo I and II as well as international top dressage horses such as Ahlerich 2/Dr. Reiner Klimke, Amon/Annemarie Sanders-Keyzer (NL) and Rembrandt 24/Nicole Uphoff. The dam, Kendy, a daughter of the significant Thoroughbred Saros xx, produced also the successful Grand Prix horses Shadow by Demorcraat and Up to you by Gribaldi.
This line, which represents the famous Schlenderhaner Schwarzgold family, was used on a short term in Rhineland before it moved to Holland, where it enjoys unchangedly great esteem and presented several licensed sons including Belisar, Karosso, Erato, Gatecrasher xx, Jolly Jumper, Midi Noir and Jonas.

Barroso: A refinement stallion for the highest demands!

Approved for:

(Hanover applied for), Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, Rhineland, Southern German Stud Books, Westphalia

Stud fee:

€ 1,000 + 13.5% VAT pregnancy deal. This entitles you to unlimited attempts with one named mare in the season. If your mare fails to go in foal, you will receive 50% of the stud fee credit in the following season.

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