Holsteiner Verband

Current Conditions

1st breeding season

The breeding season and therefore also the semen shipment from Elmshorn will start on 16.02.2018 and will take place until 10.08.2018. Stallions that have qualified for the Bundeschampionat can no longer be made available with fresh semen after 1 August 2018. Outsourced mares in the current calendar year up to and including 31.08.2018 by a standing on a station (Badendorf, Bokel, Sollwittfeld, Wellinghusen) stallion be nachbesamt / nachbedeck. This also applies if the mare was previously pre-inseminated by another association stallion.

2. Orders
for the overnight shipment of fresh semen on the same day must be made by 9:30 at the latest with the following information:

1. mare – name, descent, life number
2. mare owner with address and possibly membership number
3. desired stallion
4. inseminating veterinarian with address
5. Shipping address
6. Use in embryo transfer
7. If necessary telephone number for inquiries
The order can be made by telephone, online, by e-mail or fax.

A template of the seed order form can be downloaded in the download area. Before the first insemination of a mare with a Holstein collegiate stallion, a corresponding insemination contract must be concluded between the mare owner and the stallion owner. The insurer of the insemination contract assures that he is the owner of the mare in the contract
or that he has been commissioned by the owner of the mare to organize the insemination.

3. Stud fees
The stallions, from which seeds can be obtained from the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH, Elmshorn, are divided into several categories:

A: Young stallions and sports stallions in fresh or TG seeds
B: Proven sires, exclusively via TG max. 2 artificial inseminations / mare and season
C: various stallions from the TG seed depot
D: third -party stallions or purchased seeds

The stud fees for the use of so-called association stallions during the breeding season 2017 are divided into two or three stages (basic amount – pregnancy rate – possibly foal ).

The stallion-specific basic amount is the same for all breeders. This will be due and charged after the first insemination.

If the Hengsthaltungs GmbH does not have a veterinary certificate of non-pregnancy by 15.09.2018, it is assumed that there is a successful breeding and thus a pregnancy, so that at the end of 15.09.2018 the pregnancy rate for the last used stallion will be due and payable will be charged. At this time, a distinction is made between stud fee I and stud fee II:

The reduced stud fee I applies if the following conditions are fulfilled:

1. The resulting foal will be entered in the HV (original or global)

in the year of birth 2. The mare must be entered in Stutbuch I or Holstein Global in the year of birth of the foal

3 The mare owner is a member of the HV (minimum annual membership)

The declarations of membership are available in the cover stations or can be downloaded HERE .

In the year after the successful cover, a foal will be due in some cases after the birth of a live foal. If a mare does not give birth to a live foal after successful breeding in the year 2018, then a veterinarian certificate must be submitted in Elmshorn until 15.08.2019 otherwise a foal will be charged. If a foal from a stud fee I-insemination is not entered in the year of birth (Studbook I or Global) (not registered at all or entered in another breed association), then the full difference to the stud fee II is due instead of the foal money.

For all other mares Decktaxe II is the basis of calculation.

Please note: The pregnancy rate and the foal money will always be charged to the contracting party who owns the mare at the time of insemination and is therefore the breeder of the foal, even if the mare and / or foal have been sold at the due date.

For stallions of category A, B and C the semen is delivered exclusively for the purpose of insemination of the mare registered in the insemination contract. The delivered seed must therefore not be used
for the insemination of another mare or for other purposes or resold. The seed remains the property of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH. In each case of the infringement, a contractual penalty of three times the original total amount of the cover money is due. The stallions of the category D are seeded according to the specifications of the respective stallion owner.

4th Stallion Change / Stallion Failure:
During the breeding season a stallion change is possible at any time. When changing to another stallion of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH, the following must be observed:

1. For the stallions of category A, B and C , the already paid breeding allowance is credited to the new due stud fee, so that only the higher breeding fee or the Difference is charged. A credit for a change to a cheaper stallion does not occur. In Category B , a maximum of two semen deliveries are made per mare and season,
after which one can switch to a stallion of categories A or C after deduction of the cover money paid so far .

2. In stallions ofCategory D is no credit or transfer of the already paid cover money. However, it is possible for the breeders
to use a 3-year old stallion without payment of the basic amount .

If the semen of a stallion is not available as a fresh or as a frozen semen for unforeseeable reasons (illness, death, etc.) or due to a tournament visit at the required time
, the stallion is considered to have failed. It is then possible for the breeder, a mare, who has been brought in by an association stallion, with a stallion higher in cover money without extra charge
to inseminate. If a cheaper stallion is chosen and the mare is pregnant in this horse so the breeder is credited the difference, there is no right to repayment. If the first used
stallion is available again after re-infecting this mare , it must be used again. If a more expensive stallion is used again, the more expensive stud fee or the difference will be charged. If another favorable stallion is used again, the difference expires.


The use of a mare in the embryo transfer must be specified when the semen is ordered and must be noted with every insemination. In addition, a separate embryo transfer agreement must be concluded between the owner and the stallion owner before the first insemination. Proof must be provided of the rinses and the recipient mares; the respective results must be communicated to the stallion keeper by the breeder immediately after rinsing. If an embryo transfer is not previously indicated, each insemination is calculated twice. For each flushed embryo (including frozen embryos) the corresponding basic amount will be charged. In the case of successful embryo transfers, payments will be made at the end of the breeding season (deadline: 15.09.2018). The pregnancy rate will be charged for each pregnancy present at this time. Casall is available for use in embryo transfer only with special written permission.

The use of seeds of the stallions of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH for the ICSI procedure by the customer or third parties is only permitted after prior written approval by the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH. If the customer violates the obligation to use seeds of the stallions of the Holsteiner Hengsthaltungs GmbH for the ICSI procedure by himself or a third party only after prior written approval by the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH, the contracting party shall pay a contractual penalty in favor of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH in the amount of € 25,000.00 incl. VAT per offense agreed. The existing damage claims of Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH remain unaffected.

6. Credits
For mares who remain under cover after a cover in 2018, the pregnancy rate for submission of a non-validity certificate in Elmshorn until 15.09.2018 will be canceled. Therefore, there are no credits.

If a mare is inseminated for the first time by a stallion of the groups A, B and C after 01.07.2018 and stays in 2018, then the respective paid cover money for a use of a Holsteiner stallion for the same mare will be
credited in the following mating season. The credit note can only be transferred to other mares if the remaining mare has died or is no longer used in breeding. In the case of sale of the mare, the credit remains with the mare. Will be in the
The following season, a cheaper or no stallion used, then forfeit the rest of the credit.

There is no credit for the stallions of group D.

A pregnancy guarantee is generally not accepted, the cover money is payable in any case.

7. Semen Shipping
The Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH tries to provide all breeders with the desired seed in the best possible way. Highly frequented stallions may be restricted to max. 2 portions per mare and steeds done. Mare owners are advised to have ovarian, uterine and cervical ovarian examination done by veterinarians experienced here in order to determine the optimal insemination time.

HERE you will find all other information and
costs on the topic of semen shipping.

Inthe stud fee overview you can see which stallions are available for the Hofbesamung, the nationwide or pan-European fresh semen shipment.

8. Cover
cards Deck cards will be sent to the breeder after checking the decklists in December by the office in Elmshorn. The deck cards are issued annually in changing colors.
They contain:

• Proof of Cover (confirmed by the office)

• Birth announcement card, to be filled in by the mares owner legibly – if possible in block capitals – and to be sent to the office of the Holsteiner Verband in Kiel within 28 days. An additional handling fee of 20, – Euro (up to 4 weeks late) or 50, – Euro (over 4 weeks too late) + VAT per foal will be charged for foals not registered on time. In the case of foals of mares not yet registered, the mare and mother of the mare must be noted on the birth announcement.

9. Limitation of stallions

Stallions are limited according to the specifications of the statutes.

10. Basis of the provisions

The basis of the regulations is the mare status according to the breeder’s report from 01.01.2018.

11. Jurisdiction

German law applies to the exclusion of the UN purchase law. The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH, Elmshorn, insofar as the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law or the buyer
has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany.