Hof Sosath

General provisions of the EU insemination center Gerd Sosath

(D-KBPO 36-EEC), updated in January 2018

All breeders who use our services recognize the following conditions as well as the cover and insemination conditions of the respective associations.

In 2018 remaining mares (non-pregnant / resorbed), the 2019 bonus paid in 2019 will be fully credited, provided that by 01.11.2018 there is a veterinary certificate.


The breeding season starts on 01.02.2018 and ends on 15.08.2018.

Actually valid stud fees are published in our brochure and on our homepage. For all stallions in fresh semen use there are special conditions for immediate payment. Breeders with multiple mares receive discounts. Exact conditions please ask on our station.

Please note that we need to be notified of a planned embryo transfer. The cover money is to be paid for each flushed embryo. With several successful rinses there is a discount.

We ask for your semen order via e-mail, by phone or by fax until 10.00 o’clock!

From the semen order, the following information must be displayed:
• Desired stallion
• First and last name and full address of the mare owner
• Breed association to which the insemination is to be reported
• Exact shipping address
• Details of the mare (name, lifetime, descent, age)
• Name, Address of the inseminated veterinarian

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The cover slips must be submitted to the stallion keeper (not the vet) at the beginning of the breeding season!

The costs of shipping seeds are borne by the breeder and will be invoiced separately.
Within Germany can be sent every day, except from Sunday to Monday, overnight. Prices are to be requested at the station.
The international overnight delivery is possible from Monday to Thursday (in exceptional cases until Friday). Daily shipping via Hippo Express (BeNeLux countries) is possible every day, but must be registered by 7:30 at the latest. When shipping abroad, additional costs for the official veterinary certificate.

Hofbesamung is possible. Coverings are made only after follicle control. Ultrasound, pregnancy and follicular checks are calculated separately by the veterinarian. The health service is provided by the station vet Dr. med. Lagershausen performed. Swab specimens from guste mares (except maiden mares) are required.

For the accommodation of the mares are boxes and good pastures available. The daily rate for mares (also with foals) is 10,00 Euro. The subordination is at the risk of the owner of the mare.

If a stallion is not available in the course of the breeding season for special reasons (tournament participation, illness, etc.), if possible, TG sperm can be used or another stallion of the station can be used after consultation.
There is no right to repayment of the cover money.

About the insemination will be issued at the end of the season, a cover slip, which will be forwarded to the breeder and the relevant association after full payment of the cover money.

Frozen semen

TG semen is billed per mare and includes up to max. three semen doses. Thereafter, a new stud fee is due, without credit or entitlement to a credit due to non-performance. The purchase of single doses is not possible. One insemination dose is delivered per horse. Before the semen semen is sent, a usage agreement for the semen must be returned to us by fax or e-mail, otherwise the shipment can not be made.

The TG sperm remains the property of the Stallion Gerd Sosath. In case of non-use, the seed must be returned. The sperm must not be passed on to third parties or used to unidentified mares.

The delivered containers owned by the Gerd Sosath decking station must be returned to the station within seven calendar days. Otherwise, from the eighth day of the calendar, a fee of 25.00 Euros per day will be charged.
In case of non-return or loss of the container, this will be charged in full.

If own containers of the breeders are used, the station Gerd Sosath assumes no liability.

Proofs of use attached to the delivery, completed and signed by the veterinarian / inseminator, as well as the empty sequins, must be returned to us immediately after insemination.

Contracts for semen orders are subject to German law.

Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Oldenburg, Germany.

A visit of the station stallions is possible after telephone registration.